i9000s is one of the most optimal Android POS devices available. This device in addition of having all the features of a EFT-POS is a PDA with Android OS. The shock resistence ability, makes this device an excellent and unmatched product of its kind.

Amazing function and security

i9000s has two processores: the main processor that handles the functional task and the parallel processor that handles the security measures. The main processor has the burden of doing tasks and reading apps, and the security processor is used to provide security for transactions including hardware and software issues, the security of applications and the tasks. Both processors work together, but do their own respective tasks individually, which results in a smooth and very secure operation.

Different methods of E-Payment

This device can support all methodes of payments with debit, credit and prepaid cards, can read magnetic, smart and NFC cards; also can be used in Ali Pay, Weechat Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, etc.


i9000s is an industiral device and can guarantee a fall from a 130 cm height. This device can be used easily in high traffic areas, specially in transportation industry.

Loyality Program Management

Using Android Mobile Apps and E-Payment Services in one device, makes this device into a valuable tool for all loyality program managment.

Up to any Standard


Powerful battery with fast charging ability, fast 2D barcode scanner, support for fingerprint scanners, ability to connect to WiFi or 4G, compatible with sale, accounting, warehouse management or similar softwares in conjuction with e-payment applications, and many.

Incredible Industrial Design

The design of the device makes it usable in hard workshop enviroments, and in this matter it is unmatched in Banking and E-Payment.


Through Pogo pin to expand various functions such as ID card reading, fingerpirnt scan, WIFI probe and multi-funcation cradle which could be a  charger, a cash box connector, a PIN pad connector, a USB port or ehernet port  etc.

Smart Assistance

Android Payment Terminal can manage your business. This device is a true all in one that is offered to users. Any payment, accounting or warehouse management application or software can be installed on this device, either independently or integrated with payment networks. Get the catalogue for Smart Assistance.

Additional Accessories

Hand Strap

Dual-Slot Spare Battery Charger

Cradle/Battery Charger