Totan Tech is commited to providing after sales support based on the product’s warranty and after sale agreements. For more information on the terms of Warranty and after sales support use the following link.

If you are a costumer of Totan Tech products, you are already entitled to the following benefits:


Totan Group does have a Mobile app named TocaPay that the costumers of Totan Group and Totan Tech products can use this app to get easier access to menus for their needed services. If you have not downloaded the app yet, use the following link to download and start using it. To get access to costumer services menus for Totan Tech products, your information need to match in your TocaPay account and Totan Tech’s Customer System.

E-Payment services

If you are a costumer of Totan Tech Products , E-Payment of Totan-Pay is an unparralleled experience that you need to use. We recommend visiting the following site:

Costumer verification

If the menu for Totan Tech costumers in your TocaPay is not available to you, and you do not have the login information necessary to enter Totan Tech Customer System , use the following link to update your info on your device and use the mentioned services.

Totan Tech Customer System

If you are a costumer of Totan Tech Products, you should’ve gotten the username and password for Totan Tech Customer System from the sales reprensititive or the establishment that you acquired the product from. Use those details to login to Totan Tech Customer System and use the services.

Any tools you need to experience a perfect Digital Transformation can be found in Totan Tech.