Totan Tech

Totan Tech is the Strategic Business Uint (SBU) of the Totan Group that focuses on devlopment and supplying new dvices and technlogies. In Digital Transformation of businesses, there is a need for an appropriate tenchology to work with the intended purpose. Totan Tech, in addition of supplying common practice devices in the retail industry, is trying to develop and introduce new technlogies that help streamline the process of shopping. We are always trying to actualize new ideas, through research and development.

Vision of Totan Tech

Totan Tech has to always research and develop new technologies and products to enter the market, and each costumer of Totan Tech products must feel that compared to other similar products in the market, Totan Tech offers the best prices for the quality of the services.

Values of Totan Tech

Creativity and Ingenuity

Upgrading the quality on a regular basis

To be honest with partners, customres and members of Totan Family

Costumer support until the resolvement of the issues

Commited to obligetions

Respecting and valuing the costumer

Always ready to cooperate with outside establishments

Professional Dicipline and Approch in all the aspects of the business

Totan Group Certificates

Totan has Certificate of Payment Service Provider Facilitor from Centeral bank of Islamic Republic of Iran and also is member of supermium Council of Informatics and The Iranian ICT Guild organization (IIG).

Totan Group Partners

Totan Group Address


Unit 4, No.6, Shahamati Street, Valiasr Street, Tehran, Iran

Postal code: 1594644719

Fax: 02188930490

Phone: 02188930490

Turkish Office

Address: Istanbul, Vadi Istanbul, Verk Land, 2B office building, number 109K/13

ZipCode: 2175164249

Phone: +902129630774   –  +902124441539

Email: Info@totan.Istanbul


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