Collaboration and Partnership oppurtonities

The world today is filled with new and exciting oppurtonities, and many of them are achieved through partnership between different establishments and groups. We in the Totan Family believe that with constructive cooperation and the resulting synergy, there’s benefits more than ever before; and thus collaboration with other establishments is one of the pinnacles of expanding the business in Totan Group, and one of the core values.

Totan Tech is ready to collaborate in the following fields. Those interested can fill out and send the appropriate form. We will gladly contact you as soon as possible .

Retailers and Distributers

Totan Tech offers partnership for retailing or distibuting of products from all across the country. Sales Representitives can be persons or organisations, but having experience and the necessary equipments of selling the products are key.

After Sale Support Partner

Totan Tech is offering partnership from every city, and the capital of provinces in particular, from all over the country for After Sale support of their products. The applicants for After Sale support need to have enough experience in offering after Sale support for these types of products, or smiliar, and currently posses enough facilities to offer appropriate after sale support.

Development and implementing Specific and new technology

Appropriate hardware and technology plays an undeniably important part in Digital Transformation. In many of the Digital Transoformation plans there’s a need to combine different hardwares and achieve a specific technology, or design and devlop a new technology. Totan Tech with its long experience and a good array of able international busines partners, is a trusted and effective partner in design, devlopment and specific technology.

If you need a specific technology or tool for your plans or projects, or if you have a new design or idea in mind and in order to develop that you need a appropriate business partner, be sure to discuss with us before taking any actions.

Investment in new or under development designs

Totan means “Transformation Organizations To Achive Novlity”. In Totan Group there is always either a new idea in the process of development and implementation, or there is preperation for a new idea. In many of these designs or ideas there is the oppurtonity for investment and finding a business partner. Also, Totan Tech is ready to collaborate for development of new ideas that are being constructed by novice teams or other businesses.

If you have a dream for your business life, and are trying to achieve that dream; we are awaiting you in Totan Tech.