Totan is the name of a village

in Sistan and Baluchestan

province of Iran, but for us it means

“Transformation Organizations To Achive Novlity “.

Totan Tech, part of the Totan Group;

providers of technology

for the journey to Digital Transformation.

In Totan any oppurtonity to develop or supply

new devices,

solutions or infrastructres is welcome.

If you have any idea or plans that needs a specific technology,

please contact us.

Totan Tech is looking for partners

in the sales and after sales support departments.

Totan Tech is Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of the Totan Group that focuses on devlopment and supplying hardware and digital technology. All Businesses have a requirment for an appropriate and optimum tenchology to work with the intended purpose in digital transformation. Totan Tech, in addition of supplying common practice tools in the retail industry, is trying to develop and introduce the best technology that helps streamline the process of shopping. We are always trying to actualize new ideas, through research and development.

What We Offer

Retail ATM

Retail ATM, is a fantastic device for cash dispencing and all eclectronic transactions in a store. Any shop can install it easily and Andrios OS can provide valuable added services. By using Totan’s Retail ATM, you are ready for future.

Smart Terminals

Smart Terminlas comes on Windows and Android OS, and is one of the elements of Totan’s “Retail Eco-System”. These devices are very effective and efficient, and in addition to running most of the softwares available on the market, can connect to other Totan products. Use, and enjoy your experience.

Android POS

Android POS devices, have ushered a revolution in the world of E-Payment; and their ever-rising influence can be seen on a day-to-day basis. Totan, as one of the pioneer establishments in electronic payment, offers many efficient models of Android POS devices.

Find Our Solutions!

Android POS

Beautiful and Efficent

Smart All-in-One

No Competitore in payment world

Industrial Andriod POS

Industrial ALL-in-ONE

Smart Business Assitance

Lovely Tool in Digital Transformation

Tablet Andriod POS

Efficient and Effective

Connectablity to all of the devices in the store

Integrating the shopping and banking sevices

Windos Smart Terminal

Fantastic device for retial operations

Android Smart Terminal

Start your journey to Digital Transformation

Retail ATM

You are about to be amazed

Smart Queuing System

Classic Model

 Smart Queuing System

Touch Model 

 Smart Queuing System

Android Payment Model 

Any tools you need to experience a perfect Digital Transformation can be found in Totan Tech.

Kavosh new version services got Operative

(1398/09/02) The new version of the “Kavosh” Service turned operative in “Mahta” Project. “Mahta” Project is being considered as one of the most important projects of country’s E-commerce segment in which Totan Group has been chosen to be its E-Payment run force....

Totan is a Payment Facilitator now

(1398/08/13) After having the technical and operational examinations successfully passed, signing a mutual agreement between Totan group and “Shaparak”, accredited Totan officially to operate as a payment facilitator Company by the Payment regulatory organization....

Totan & Tipax

(1397/03/01) Tipax, Biggest Courier Company in Iran, is now enjoying Totan’s smart services, signing a contract of cooperation in business smart automation. This company, is now equipped with Android based PDA-POS Machines in order to develop tailor made software and...

Totan’s Jam-e Jam in Pardakht Novin

(1396/06/06) Pardakht Novin Co., has chosen Totan’s  “Jam-e Jam” software in order to consolidate its work process and to increase the safety of its clients. This system would be functional after the final localizations according to the necessities of Pardakht...

Totan as the sponsor of the Iran Payment exhibition

(1395/08/26) Totan Group sponsored the Iran Payment Exhibition. This exhibition will be held on November 22, and 23 at Tehran Milad tower’s convention center to showcase the latest technologies and innovations in Payment field with participation of more than 70...

Totan & CONTEC Technologies agreed on mutual cooperation

(1395/05/20) Totan started its cooperation with “Contec Technologies” in order to develop specialized and up to date store accounting software based on the market demands. These two companies are going to cooperate on developing mutual products inside the national and...

Totan, The exclusive representative of Urovo in Iran

(1395/05/07) Totan is now the exclusive representative of “Urovo”, one of the pioneer producers of the Computer & mobile devices and hardware, PDA and POS machines. Totan decided to cooperate with Urovo among the other competitors and suppliers because of the...

Experimental phase of Health Insurance Card- System started in 300 health care centers

(1394/11/10) This project has is done by a mutual cooperation of Iran Insurance Company and Samat Company. (Toseh Taavon Bank’s Subsidiary)  In this project, cards are going to be issued for Iran insurance Comapany’s customers and the whole medical insurance process...

Totan in the fifth E-Banking and Payment systems Confrence and Exhabition

(1394/10/27) The E-Banking and payment systems convention has been held on January 11-12, at Tehran Milad Tower convetion center targeting to analyze the post-sanction potentials and challenges, and developing the international relations. Totan Smart Systems...

Totan and Tose-e Taavon Bank started cooperation in Iran Insurance Company Electronic Payment System

(1394/09/03) Samat Company, (Toseh Taavon Bank’s Subsidiary) has signed a contract with Totan to provide payment services to Iran Insurance Company, in order to deploy the DEPA system. Moreover, in this contract, the responsibility of POS  Services, as well as USSD...

If you have a dream for your business life, and are trying to achieve that dream; we are awaiting you in Totan Tech.