is the name of a village in Sistan & Balouchestan province, but to us, it mean development and realization of novel idea.

Totan Group Members


Transformation Organizations To Achive Novlity

Totan pay

Totan System

Totan innovation center

Totan tech

Totan pay products and services

Electronic payment services provider

Internet Payment

Your digital business development basis is prepared.

POS services

Try and approve this whole new experience.

DEPA, Electronical receipt and payment by Totan

Experience differentiation in your store ecosystem.

ATM services

connect your ATM machines to the banking system in its quickest possible time and with the best possible situation.
you digital business development basis is prepared.

Totan Tech products and services

Digital evolution journys’ tech-ware provider

Retail ATM

Some news on their way…

Smart Terminals

Powerful and economic

Android POS

Smart business Assistant

Totan System products and services

Digital evolution journys’ software provider

Jaam-e Jam

General acceptor mangement system

Health insurance card


Credit, Points and discounts management system

Totan innovation center projects

a fellow traveler to the innovation journey


easy shopping access


Iran’s first Insur-tech


eliminating online purchase borders

If you have a dream in your business and trying to reach it, we are waiting for you in Totan.

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Transformation Organizations To Achive Novlity