:Warranty terms

.The devices have an 18-month warranty and a 5-year after-sales service

 Presenting the warranty card and serial registration on the Totan site is mandatory when using the Totan warranty


To register the warranty, enter the serial number (S / N) of the warranty card and the serial number of the device along

.with your personal details on the warranty registration section of Totan Company’s website

The cost of sending and delivering the device or expert transportation to use Totan warranty services is the

.responsibility of the customer

.The start date of the warranty will be considered from the date of purchase of the device by the customer

Consumables and peripherals such as charger, battery, adapter, transmission cable, frame, hands free, SIM card

.external memory, stored information and software and etc. are not covered by the warranty

If the purchased device is damaged or has physical, visual or functional defects before delivery, refuse to deliver the

.device and immediately return the device through the installation technician

Therefore, the buyer is obliged to make sure of the apparent health of the device when buying, the delivery of the goods

.from the seller means receiving it in a completely healthy way

: Cancellation of warranty

End of warranty period

.Damaged hologram or serial number of warranty card

Manipulation and repair of the device by repairmen or unauthorized persons, installation of software or hardware

.outside Totan

.Setting up and using the device without following the tips provided in the manual or CD

Damage caused by improper transportation, physical change, breakage, burns, discoloration, impact, fall, contact or

penetration of water and chemicals, severe dust, power fluctuations, lightning and natural disasters, wire breakage, Non

.standard humidity and temperature, use of non-standard and non-original accessories and consumables

.Damage of less than 3 pixels on the screen is not covered by the warranty

All goods that are replaced or repaired during the warranty period will be covered by the warranty until the end of the

.initial period

If the customer does not agree with the cost of repairing devices that do not have warranty conditions, a

.troubleshooting fee of 50,000 Tomans will be received

 .Click on this link to register the warranty serial number of the device