Totan Smart Systems Engineering Company, as the first member of Totan Group, started it’s activities on September 26, 2008 in the field of providing banking and electronic payment services. Totan is the name of a village in Sistan and Baluchestan province, but we know it as the Abbreviation of “development and realization of novel ideas”. Utilizing its deep knowledge and experience in the past decades, Totan has introduced and implemented new solutions in digital businesses, the main feature of which is innovation and adaptation to the specific needs of the customer. Totan’s main ability is to come up with new solutions to develop or solve digital business problems.

Totan will be present in the digital business space and in the Fields of financial technology , E-commerce  and Game . Creating an atmosphere of interaction and mutual cooperation with actors and StartUp teams  in the field of digital businesses is one of Totan’s serious goals.

Totan Group Members

Totan Tech

Electronical tech-ware provider

Totan Pay

Electronic payment services provider

Totan Innovation center

supporting and executing innovative and novel ideas

Totan System

software system provider

Totan Group vision

The Totan family should be recognized as a model of innovation and realization of novel ideas in digital businesses, and from the perspective of customers, startup teams and talented and hard-working people, it should be one of the high priority options for developing new ideas and realizing challenging business dreams.

Totan group values

Creativity and innovation

Increasing quality improvement

Honesty and frankness in dealing with stakeholders

Accompany and synchronize with customers to meet real needs

Adherence to commitments

Customer orientation and customer respect

Willingness to develop external cooperation

Professional approach to all aspects of business


Totan is licensed to provide payment services by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Shaparak, as well as being a member of the Computer Guild System and the Supreme Informatics Council of the country.

Directors’ note

Ali Chashmjahan

Karim Khamseh

At a time when digital life is taking shape and digital currents are taking over an increasing share of business and economic growth, the Totan family is determined to innovate.
The Totan family sincerely and enthusiastically strives to design and market services that not only help businesses grow, but also create new opportunities and values.

We have come together in Totan to realize a concept called the “Totan Family”. The Totan family wants to be a group that, through hard work, practice, and constant skill, literally realizes and develops the word “novel ideas.”

The development of the digital ecosystem in recent years has changed the traditional old and even new business frameworks and has provided immense opportunities by creating many challenges. At Totan, we are committed to help a variety of businesses, overcome these challenges and seize the opportunities ahead.

Business partners

Totan Group Address

Central Office

Address: 4th floor, #6, Shahamati Alley, Valiasr Square, Tehran, Iran

Postal code: 1594644719

Fax: 02188930490

Phone: 02188930490

Turkish Office

Address: Istanbul, Vadi Istanbul, Verk Land, 2B office building, number 109K/13

ZipCode: 2175164249

Phone: +902129630774   –  +902124441539

Email: Info@totan.Istanbul